Biking in the middle of the Alps

South Tyrol is our home and since we love the mountains, we couldn’t wish for anything more. Situated at the northernmost point of Italy and in the middle of the Alps, the region features magnificent single trails and fantastic landscapes. From the imposing glacier worlds of the Ortler to the unique Dolomites, which are particularly close to our hearts, scenic highlights and idyllic villages emerge and pass, and the trails are never boring. Whether you’re into flow, rapid descents or steep, demanding trails, enthusiasts will find single trails for every taste. The biking experience is rounded off by the harmonious range of accommodation and the excellent gastronomy, which is also an expression of the intersection between German and Italian culture that’s oh so typical of South Tyrol.

The area our mountain bike tours cover in South Tyrol mainly include the Dolomites and the area around Bolzano (Bozen), Merano (Meran) and Bressanone (Brixen), but also the Vinschgau. The region is ‘bike friendly’, and blocked trails are the exception. This provides countless touring opportunities for cycling enthusiasts. While our tours usually lead to higher regions in summer, we like to stay in lower altitudes in spring and autumn, where the touring season lasts much longer. The mild climate in spring is also ideal for riding technique courses to get fit for the new season.

The large selection of cable cars, also open all year round, is the best prerequisite for our enduro and freeride tours and help skip those grinding, strenuous vertical climbs and enjoy even more exciting meters of descent. A tour uphill can be a few hundred meters in altitude, but having arrived, a descent of 1,800 meters in one go provides an exhilarating rush. Just the way trail junkies like us like it!


South Tyrol is located in the north of Italy and in the middle of the Alps. As it lies south of the main ridge of the Alps, the weather is often good. Plenty of sunshine and warm, Mediterranean air currents usually provide a pleasant climate from spring to autumn. But of course it can also be different. It’s important to have the right clothing and equipment, especially in the high mountains.

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What else is needed for the tour other than the bike? Thanks to our tour checklist, you'll have a good overview.


Ride oN arranges its day tours according to individual route planning, so you won’t find a list of tours here. In consultation with you, the tours are tailored to your specific needs (region, fitness, riding skills). Whether it’s freeride, enduro or all-mountain, with us you’ll find just what you want! And between all those cool pics of you in action, you’ll also benefit from a useful tip or two on riding technique.

For Ride oN, mountain biking definitely involves single trails and a good portion of our tours always take place on them. Of course, this varies, depending on the tour as well as the technical difficulty, but we tend to follow the mantra “the more, the better”!


Single trails have different technical levels of difficulty. To be able to classify the different levels, we use the proven system of the Single Track ScaleFind out exactly what’s behind this classification.

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