Day tours in the Dolomites

You’ll feel like dreams really can come true when you finally make your first rounds in the Dolomites on your bike. Around here, it’s some time ago, but we never lost our enthusiasm for the mountain bike Eldorado and that’s why Ride oN is all about the Dolomites. Our day tours in the Dolomites are usually based in Val Gardena (Gröden), a magnificent valley in the heart of these unique mountains with a considerable offer of first-class mountain bike tours, excellent accommodation and several bike shops.

The trails around Val Gardena are phenomenal and you’ll soon see you can discover new places to explore for days on end without using the same path twice. Destinations such as the Alpe di Siusi, Rasciesa or the Seceda certainly belong on every to-do list here, but the tours to neighboring Val Badia or the Val di Fassa should not be missed either. And you can also take advantage of the wide range of cable cars and lifts: The most famous example of this is probably the Sellaronda, a downhill circuit around the magnificent Sella Massif, which gives you a grandiose view of the Dolomites and inspires both slightly advanced and expert bikers.

Ride oN is all about individual tour planning, therefore you won’t find a list of tours here. In consultation with you, tours are tailored to your specific needs (region, fitness, riding skills). Whether it’s freeride, enduro or all-mountain, with us you’ll find just what you want! And between all those cool pics of you in action, you’ll also benefit from a useful tip or two on riding technique.

In this Red Bull article, read why the ingenious Swedish adventure photographer Mattias Fredriksson, who was with us in the Dolomites, thinks that no mountain range in the Alps is more beautiful and spectacular!

What else is needed for the tour other than the bike? Thanks to our tour checklist, you'll have a good overview.

For Ride oN, mountain biking definitely involves single trails and a good portion of our tours always take place on them. Of course, this varies, depending on the tour as well as the technical difficulty, but we tend to follow the mantra “the more, the better”!


Single trails have different technical levels of difficulty. To be able to classify the different levels, we use the proven system of the Single Trail Scale. Find out exactly what’s behind this classification.

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