Bikers heaven

This extraordinary mountain landscape is rich in contrasts: pale, rugged reefs of dolomite and limestone sprinkle the gently undulating alpine pastures, and the light shades of gray of the barren rock meet the lush greens and floral dashes of color in the meadows. The Dolomites are endlessly fascinating and are a jewel in the Alps. For some, such as the extreme mountaineer and connoisseur of the mountains Reinhold Messner, they are even the “most beautiful mountains in the world”. Anyone who has ever been to the Dolomites knows why and is not surprised that this monumental rocky landscape with its inviting mountain pastures and villages has become a UNSECO World Natural Heritage site.

Here, between South Tyrol, Trentino and Belluno, different cultures live together: the Ladins, descendants of a great heritage with their Rhaeto-Romanic language, the German-speaking Tyroleans and the Italians. And even if there are not only linguistic differences between them, they have all been shaped by the mountains and are therefore quite alike.

Read why the ingenious Swedish adventure photographer Mattias Fredriksson thinks that the Dolomites are so unique.

For us bikers there is of course no better way to get to know these spectacular mountains than by mountain bike. The Dolomites offer everything a cyclist’s heart could desire, because besides the impressive mountain landscape there are numerous mountain railways, traditional huts with fine food and, last but not least, a dense network of paths with unique single trails: Endless descents that make the brakes glow, challenging, high-alpine trails in the scenery of rock and stone, so characteristic of the Dolomites, and alpine pastures with flowing, playful trails. There is a lot of variety in the Dolomites, and there are tours for different levels. That’s why we simply love being on two wheels in these mountains! And that’s true whether it’s on one of the great day tours between Val Gardena (Gröden), Val Badia (Gadertal) and Val di Fassa or on the multi-day Dolomites Enduro Traverse, an adventurous crossing from west to east, with the best a downhill oriented biker can find in the Dolomites.